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KMX Work Party 

We need people to help with the folloing:

1. Clear the fence line with brush saws and chainsaws 

2. Clear the trail to the water tanks

3. Fix the fences

4. Remove rocks from the back section of the track

5. Pick up trash

6. Pick up tires and make one pile in the parking lot so they can be disposed of.

7. Dig a ditch in the in-field to provide better drainage.

8. Clear culverts.

9. Identify where the water system is broken, and day light the pipes so they can be repaired.

10. Cut brush on the infield of the track.

11. General clean up

**COVID-19 Social Distancing protocols will be in place.***

USE discount code "MAY16" for 50% off drop in fees for that day if you want to ride after the job list is complete.

Saturday MAY 16, 2020

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