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Main MX Track

        The MX Track at KMX is all new for 2018 with a new soil and  plenty of new features it is ready to rip. The Track boasts many great futures unsurpassed by anything else in the area. A full watering system graces the Track and helps keep dust to a minimum. Races on the track are frequent and are well attended. The starting gate has been installed in 2020.


Vet / Beginner  MX  Track

KMX Vet Beginner Track build 2021.jpg

The Vet / Beginner track at KMX offers riders a place to ride without the intimidation of big jumps and high speeds. This track is perfect for those riders not quite ready for the main track. The track has been totally re-built in 2021 with an exciting new layout taking advantage of natural elevation changes.

Water System Pic #1 2020.JPG
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