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WKRDAS is a non-profit, volunteer run organization. We rely on memberships and day passes to cover insurance and on-going maintenance.
Membership includes: all practice days at KMX motocross track, discounts on KMX race fees, and full access to the KMX Trails (Tree Hugger) and the Rover Creek trails.

In the past we were able to hand out gate keys to all those who purchased a membership. As of  now, our insurance indicates that we require an "accountable, responsible  person" to be on the premises whenever the KMX track is used, and that person must be listed as a "Key Holder" within our club.  So, in order to meet our insurance obligations, keys to the facility are held by the executive board members, and the various volunteer coordinators, that hold a position in the club. In order to become a "coordinator"  or "executive" member, you need to attend the AGM, and the club planning meetings, and contribute to your assigned volunteer  coordinator position. If you have a desire to become a "Key Holder" and fill a coordinator role, please reach out to the club executive using the "Contact Us" button on the bottom of this page. "Coordinator" roles could be a simple as "track coordinator" that opens up the track on a certain day every week, and checks people coming in to validate that they purchased their day passes, or hold a yearly membership... Other coordinator positions include: facility maintenance coordinator, track maintenance coordinator, Rover Creek trails coordinator, Treehugger trails coordinator, event coordinator, race coordinator, plus others... there is a place for all that are willing to put forward the effort!


Youth-$100  (13 and younger) 
Family-$225 (immediate household)
Day Passes:
Youth - $10 (13 and younger)
Adult - $20
Family - $40 (immediate household)

Why Should i join WKRDAS?
Strength in numbers:

When WKRDAS deals with Government and other important groups we need to have member numbers behind us. We know riders are out there but we need to show that they support our causes, which are securing and improving our riding areas as well as providing a variety of riding experiences.


Great Events:

For years WKRDAS has organized fantastic events for rider of all abilities in all aspects on Dirt Riding. Without your memberships these events would not be possible.

Help us Expand our facilities:

We Rely on the support of our members to continually improve and expand our riding areas. Memberships are critical to improve the future of motorized recreation.   


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