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About us


       Founded in 2004 as a voice for riders in the west kootenays, The West Kooenay Recreational Dirtbike and ATV Socity (WKRDAS) for short; has successfully ran the KMX facility and as of 2017 the Rover Creek ORV Trail System. The WKRDAS KMX facility consists of an MX Track, Kids MX track and a Trail system. The facility is near the Bombi summit about halfway between Castlegar and Salmo. The WKRDAS Rover Creek Facility Consists of an expansive single track trail system. The facility is located about half way between Nelson and Castlegar. WKRDAS is a volunteer run society and depends on volunteer support for continued operation. Our society strives to put on some of the best events in the area. We host MX Races, Hare Scrambles, Kids MX Races, Riding Clinics and more all at our KMX location.
Fast KMX Facts
Track length - 1.8 KM  Estimated            
Hare Scramble Loop Length - 22 KM 
Track Elevation - 1123 Meters 
Max Hare Scramble Elevation - 1483 Meters
Lowest Hare Scramble Elevation - 985 Meters
Track opened in 2004


Fast Rover Creek Facts
Over 15 KM of Double Track         
Over 25 KM of Single Track
Endless FSR Adventure
Max Single Track Elevation - 1520 Meters
Lowest Single Track Elevation - 552 Meters


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